Conditions of sale


Minimum orders of €60 net.
No orders lower than this amount will be accepted.

Quality certificates:

Quality certificates will only be issued when requested with the order, never after its preparation or shipment.
Certificates may involve an additional cost depending on the type requested.


Delivery costs will be applied to amounts over €500 delivered in mainland Spain.
Delivery costs in mainland Spain:

  • Minimum delivery cost €7
    Maximum delivery cost €20

Product leftovers:

Items leftover from orders will be considered as having been cancelled; in the event that the client wishes to leave them pending, they must inform us of this fact.


No returns will be accepted without prior notification or after 10 days from the date on the delivery note.
No returns will be accepted for articles discontinued from the catalogue or with special treatments.
Delivery costs will be paid by the client.

Conditions of payment:

Consult our conditions of payment