Our Services

Our Industrias Placencia Services have the particular feature of scrupulously meeting our clients’ requirements, responding to their queries and offering serious and efficient solutions. We offer competitive prices, rapid delivery times and high flexibility.
We offer competitive prices, rapid delivery times and high flexibility.

  • We specialise in zinc plated and hot-dip galvanised fasteners made to DIN, ISO and NF regulations.
  • We offer a wide range of over 70,000 articles.    
    Personalised packaging and labelling service.    
    Production of special articles based on specific designs.
  • Covering treatments.    
    Logistics and delivery service.


Our clients’ trust is essential to us. This means that quality management is a key aspect for our company. We have the necessary technical resources to carry out all quality assurance and control inspections in order to obtain a detailed study of the quality and chemical composition of all products entering our warehouses.


We have a wide range of fasteners made to regulation EN-15048 for fixing elements. Non-preloaded structural bolted joints, OBLIGATORY SINCE JULY 2014.





EN 15048 requirements contain regulations on products used for the design, calculation and manufacture of non-loaded structural connections. Part 1 establishes the general requirements and part 2 the suitability test.

INDUSTRIAS PLACENCIA, S.A. guarantees that all of the structural fasteners in its range meet these requirements.

This means the following:

  • Nuts and bolts will be packaged and supplied in their original box, unopened.
    Nuts and bolts in a single connection must come from the same manufacturer.
    The surface treatments of nuts and bolts can only be applied under the manufacturer’s supervision.

Under Standard regulations, labelling must be as follows:

  • CE marking
  • Batch number
  • Reference to Standard EN 15048-1
  • SB marking
  • Identification number of the certifying authority and manufacturer
  • Dimension
  • Indication of the SCREW type
  • Product name (ISO 4014 / 4017 standard for bolts and ISO 4032 for screws)

Screws and bolts will be marked with:

  • Screw type
  • Special SB (Structural Bolting) marking
  • Manufacturer’s identification mark

The CE mark requirement is established by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and European standard EN 1090-1. This takes account of the starting points for the calculations established in the pertinent Design parts of the EN 1993 series and for the calculation of steel structures. This European standard establishes the requirements for manufacturing properties and, where appropriate, the structural design properties and construction calculations. The parts can be used directly on a building structure or as construction pieces in kit format. The standard applies to mass produced construction parts and one-off components, including construction kits.

EN 1090-1 establishes the market requirements of steel pieces and of aluminium constituent products with references of application as per CE standards EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3. EN 1090-2 describes the bolt connectors where reference is made to regulation EN 15048 for non-loaded structural bolting and EN 14399 for high-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading.



Kit packaging:

INDUSTRIAS PLACENCIA, S.A. offers a KIT PACKAGING service aimed at satisfying its clients’ requests.

The KIT PACKAGING service means that we can personalise packaging (bags and boxes) to meet our clients’ demands: business logos, colours, sizes, box types, labels where required with texts and barcodes defined according to our clients’ stipulations.

The outsourcing of KIT PACKAGING at INDUSTRIAS PLACENCIA, S.A. means lower costs for our clients.


Special fasteners

The long experience of Industrias Placencia, S.A. in the fasteners and metal fixing sector in general means that we can supply special pieces to plan, thereby satisfying our clients’ needs at all times.

Our expert technical staff offers clients knowhow and technical support on their projects start to finish.